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Their mothers teach them that she must receive a good education and find a good husband, not that she must make a good career.During Soviet times for a woman finding a good husband used to be more important than making a career, and this cultural paradigm still exists in Russia, although modern Russian girls do pay attention to their careers.Looks are not the most important for Russian girls, even for the girls who are models; although if you look like Tom Cruise, you of course will get more responses.Ukrainians are amazed about a Christmas tree decorated with women’s underwear, which appeared in a window of one of Kharkov’s stores on the main street.

Not all of them are models of course - actually, only a few are doing modeling professionally - we rather strive for the quality than the actual trade.

With the current situation in Russia, many foreigners worry if meeting Russian women is safe.

Elena's Models offers tours to countries that are thousands miles away from any problem areas with terrorist activities, such as Ukraine and Bulgaria.

They would be interested to learn about your exercising routine and sport achievements of the present and the past.

Intelligence and good education are also important for Russian girls because most Russian girls seeking partners abroad are intelligent and well educated.

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