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So when it comes to the onset of menstruation, it is the rare girl who will launch an enthusiastic dialogue with family or friends on the subject.

Far more typical is she who enters the feminine-products aisle alone (and returns there alone for the duration).

Sanitary supplies would be federally funded and free.”)Like other menstruating women in Bangalore, India, in 1962, Shobha Sharma was banished from the family home to an isolated room in the back garden.

This format is particularly useful for forms or newsletter where the layout and formatting need to be preserved on the screen or printer.

More than one immigrant mother slapped her daughter across the face, for reasons none of them can quite remember. Nalebuff, who will enter Yale this fall, has established a Web site for readers to contribute stories, but one suspects that a giant menstruation chat group will be just a little too much.

The discipline of hard covers here is perfect for letting the reader sense themes without being bludgeoned by them. First is the remarkably durable adolescent conviction that no matter who you are, where and when you were born, you are freakishly abnormal — too young, too old; your flow too thick, too scanty, too brown.

Or that sex education still routinely proceeds in single-sex classes.

In other words, for all our public exploration of everyone else’s bodies, our own personal specimens remain quite private.

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